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Quaint, cozy and 100% recycled –  that’s the Sunflower Organic Café.  We’re Windsor’s only 100% organic café featuring delectable deserts,  FREE range, FAIR trade and FRESHLY made breakfast and lunch, plus an outstanding selection of healthful smoothies and freshly-squeezed juices.

We are committed to providing healthy, organically prepared meals that are free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and additives.  All of The Sunflower’s ingredients are 100% organic and we strive to use local Essex and Kent County farmers whenever possible.

Our daily luncheon specials along with a tantalizing menu contains both vegetarian and traditional beef burgers, salads that explode with freshness and sandwiches that will have your taste buds begging for more.  These are just some of what this little café has to offer.

If you are “GLUTEN INTOLERANT” you will feel like you’re in heaven as most of the menu items at The Sunflower Organic Café are available to suit your dietary needs.  If you’re vegetarian “no problem” – we offer you a range of delicious menu selections for your discriminating palate. Sunflower Organic Café is committed to using local farmers whenever possible and we feature Ontario’s Fieldgate’s famous Grass Fed, Free Range Pork, Beef and Poultry along with farm fresh free range eggs.

Agriculture Canada states that “organics” is the world’s fastest growing food sector and our own Canadian Organic Food Sector has enjoyed yearly increases of 22%.  These statistics show the Sunflower Organic Café is right on track to being Windsor’s busiest café.  The Canadian Restaurant and Food Service Association surveyed 500 working chefs on the “Top Ten Trends” within the conventional food service industry.  Locally produced food, sustainability, nutrition, organics, and gluten-free topped the list.

We also feature beautiful gift baskets filled with your favourite organic baked goods such as our tasty muffins and cookies and fair trade teas and coffees.  All gift basket purchases include a complimentary $10.00 gift certificate. You can also place your special orders for our freshly made pies: pumpkin, blueberry, apple, lemon meringue and our delicious apple crisp.

Our bakery section features Organic Works of London’s terrific gluten free bread.  The best gluten free bakery product I have ever eaten. We are also hosting Stickling’s Bakery of Peterborough’s terrific certified organic artisan breads, bagels and buns.

Bon Appetit!

Patricia Julian & Tara Lecker
Co-Owners, The Sunflower Organic Café

The intent of this site is to support people committed to eating healthy and in a way that is earth-friendly, and not to in any way to give medical advice or replace the complex network of treatment options available to those suffering cancer, neurological issues, or other wellness challenges. However, we do feel that everyone can derive benefit from organic meals, and that the evidence suggests it should be a baseline to a healthy lifestyle.

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